Teaching / researching at UCL


If you are a researcher, whether or not you have a PhD, you can pursue your research at UCL under a number of different categories depending on your personal situation:
  • Visiting PhD researcher: you are a researcher who has not yet qualified as a PhD and would like to spend some time researching at UCL without enrolling to do your doctoral training here.
  • Postdoctoral grant holder: you are participating in an international mobility programme and your grant starts no more than six years after you obtained your PhD. Your grant will be subject to employee social security contributions, but will not be taxable. A work permit is not required, whatever your nationality.
  • Researcher employed under an employment contract: you are subject to Belgian legislation governing employment contracts. A work permit is essential if you are from a non-EU country.
  • Lecturer employed under an employment contract: you are a full-time or part-time lecturer, a university hospital lecturer or a visiting lecturer.
  • Visiting researcher / lecturer: you remain administratively attached to your home institution. You may join the Junior Academic Staff if you are proposed by a member of the University.

Download the Guide for mobile researchers edited by Euraxess, Belspo and Deloitte


You are member of UCL staff and you plan to host a visitor from abroad?
Please check first the web page "Statuts d'accueil pour internationaux" (once you have logged in).

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