Promotion of research

UCL has set up LTTO to meet the challenges encountered in the promotion of research and technology transfer. LTTO brings together teams from the University’s Research Department and Sopartec, UCL’s technology transfer company. It offers UCL’s research community and its partners a one-stop shop for all matters relating to promoting the use of UCL’s knowledge.

The University’s policy on the commercial promotion of research can be defined as follows:

UCL intends to put its research findings to commercial use by arranging technology transfers. To this end, it intends to retain ownership of its research findings wherever possible.
In addition, UCL strongly encourages protection of intellectual property via patents, through:
the recognition of patents as publications;
effective support and short timescales in order to avoid delaying scientific publications.

Several options for promotion of research findings are possible: sale, licensing or the creation of a spin-off. UCL has already set up several spin-offs.

It is important to identify research findings with potential for promotion as early as possible so that the invention can be protected if necessary. This is why UCL is an active participant in the MIRVAL project, which aims to raise awareness in this area.

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| 7/09/2012 |
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