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Understanding the basic processes of the Earth & Life System at different scales and designing sustainable solutions to meet major challenges for our societies are the key objectives of the Earth and Life Institute. More than 300 scientists – bioengineers, physicists, agronomists, ecologists, geographers, microbiologists – got together to study the evolution of the agro-systems, the ecosystems, the water cycle and the climate and to develop new production methods and biotechnologies for a sustainable development.
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Phenotyping is an important part of research on plant biological processes, and is used in both forward and reverse genetic approaches to obtain fundamental insights or advance crop improvement. This EMBO Practical Course will discuss and demonstrate the multiple and diverse aspects of plant phenotyping, covering the cell to whole plant scale, and including growth-related, as well as physiological and performance-related plant traits......
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En collaboration avec d'autres facultés, instituts, groupe de recherche et ONGs, AGRO organise ce 6 novembre 2014 un symposium autour de la politique agricole et de l'eau dans le Bassin méditerranéen.
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La terre
Avec la collaboration de professeurs de l’UCL, le Collège Belgique organise une session spéciale consacrée à la Terre et à ses enjeux au Palais Provincial à Namur.
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| 3/06/2011 |
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