The structure and method of operation of the University are rapidly evolving. The Bologna process has rendered the organisation of education and research much more complex and has led UCL to revise its structure, basing it on three major sectors.

These three sectors correspond to three main areas of knowledge: humanities and social sciences, medical sciences, and science and technology. In addition, the Institut de recherche multidisciplinaire pour la modélisation et l'analyse quantitative performs cross-sector research.

Each sector is divided into institutes (research) and faculties (education) that are managed in a differentiated, but coordinated way. They are assisted by technological platforms and logistic and administrative support units.

The three missions of the University (education, research, serving society) are discussed and coordinated at sector level. This is also the level at which the staff, their careers, the operating budget and the venues are managed. Thus, the three sectors are truly the first organisation level of the University.


| 2/04/2009 |