Environmental Politics and Policies

lspri2225  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Environmental Politics and Policies
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30.0 h

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Thèmes abordés
This course presents the problems raised by human pressure on nature and the environment as well as the reme-dies designed by the public authorities in Europe in order to tackle these problems.

A la fin de cette unité d’enseignement, l’étudiant est capable de :

1 At the end of the course, students will havve the capacity to: - Identify the issues at stake in international and European negotiations about climate change and nature protec-tion; - Deconstruct any environmental policy with analytic and strategic ends; - Evolve through the multi-level governance arrangements of environmental policies; - Conduct original analyses of actors' games within the policy arenas.
The course introduces the main concepts about environmental protection and sustainability (e.g. precautionary principle, emission quotas or integrated management). An analytical framework of environmental regulation is proposed that puts an equal emphasis on procedural mechanisms and substantial rules. This analytical framework is then applied to various sectors (e.g. water, air, climate, sustainable development) and different levels of authority in a comparative perspective (e.g. European Union, The Netherlands, or the Belgian Regions).
Autres infos
Individual or group paper that analyses a particular sustainability or environmental policy in a mul-ti-level perspective. Portfolio of readings.
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