Workshop in situ

lbari2162  2022-2023  Bruxelles Saint-Gilles

Workshop in situ
3.00 crédits
10.0 h + 30.0 h
In the course of one’s architectural studies, it is not always easy to come into contact with constructed matter. However, in recent years many traditional materials have seen their way of construction revisited, and many new building materials have been invented, and it is the role of the architect to imagine how to compose with them to lead to new architectural expressions.
This course offers IMA students the opportunity to acquire an in-depth knowledge of a construction material used today, to compose a simple aedicule with specific details for each constructive situation, and to build in situ the small aediculae / or fragment of edifice representative of the whole during an intensive workshop at the end of the semester. The lessons drawn from this experience will be collected in a common booklet, along with the execution drawings and technical specifications.
This teaching unit aims to develop transversal and practical skills in the fields of construction and materials. In particular, it aims to develop a thorough familiarity of the student with the documentation of technical, scientific and normative references. It also aims to develop a global and synthetic vision of materials and techniques related to the act of building. The course will combine theoretical teaching and applications to the project. At the end of this teaching unit, the student will be able to :
-understand the constructive specificity of a building from drawing to construction, by using the technical, scientific and normative documentation related to construction materials and techniques 
- realize hypotheses of materialization of the architectural project, by developing a proposal of relevant constructive systems with regard to the properties of a site and an architectural project 
-to manage complex construction nodes (details), 
- to produce documents allowing the communication of an architect's proposal to professionals. 
Also, among the objectives of this EU will be the ability to work on a European territory in an international team and in English. 
Méthodes d'enseignement
Each year a different material will be studied 
*Hemp block > guest: Arnaud Evrard (mix of hemp & chalk)?
*Alveolate terracotta block > guest: David Sebastian
*Mud-bricks > guest: Anupama Kundoo
*Small sections of wood > guest : PUCV Valparaiso
*Re-used materials
The organization of the teaching unit will consist in different phases preparatory to the construction in situ:
Presentation of the course and organization of the work
>  Composition I: understanding the wall & the openings
presentation of the material and context, 
first tentative design
>  Composition II: the manipulations of the brick / bloc 
understanding of the material, origins, composition, fabrication, production, 
decisions on the design
>  Composition III: experimentations on the joints
characteristics of the assemblage, technics and mastery of construction, state of the art 
development of the design
>  Composition IV: the gesture 
     experiment of the construction technics and preparation of the construction site
execution drawings and technical specifications
>  Composition V: the workshop in situ
     construction of the aedicule at a 1/1 scale
     exhibition and opening 
>  Lessons of this workshop will be collected in a common booklet produced for the evaluation.
08/02   8 :30      12 :45              > Présentation du séminaire
22/02   8 :30      12 :45              > Composition I: the wall & opening
08/03   8 :30      12 :45              > Composition II: the brick / bloc
22/03   8 :30      12 :45              > Composition III: the joints
03/05   8 :30      12 :45              > Composition IV: the gesture
05/06>09/06 de 8 :30 à 18 :15   > Composition V: the workshop in situ
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