Organizations strategies and strategic communication

lcomu2310  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Organizations strategies and strategic communication
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Communication can only be strategic. Any action should be integrated in a full communication plan that has been designed to reach defined communication objectives with a thought-out strategy.
While this course is held in English, the central focus is not on language teaching. It is given by non- native English professors who will put students into a business environment where mainly “international English” is spoken, with specific terms and jargon linked to the communication sector.
This course will cover all elements of strategic communications, starting from the place of the communication management team in the hierarchy of an organisation all the way to the measurement of communication actions. This course aims at teaching how to build a strategic communication plan through:
  • Organisation standards: corporate objectives, structure, budget, …
  • Situation analysis: audits, mapping, intelligence gathering, opportunities, vulnerabilities, …
  • Communication basics and prerequisites: mission, vision, objectives, strategy, messaging, stakeholders and audiences
  • Communication disciplines: corporate communication, brand communication, social-media relations, crisis and issue management, public affairs, financial communication, internal communication, …
  • Evaluation: KPI’s and measurement
Méthodes d'enseignement
Lecture with case studies and exercises
Modes d'évaluation
des acquis des étudiants
Written examination partly on content of the course and definitions, partly on case solving (to develop a strategy and to elaborate a communication action plan)
Autres infos
The course is given in "business English", it is not intended to teach English but to place students in a professional environment in which English is the working language, regardless of language background. 
Gregory, Anne (2015). Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns: A Strategic Approach (PR In Practice). Kogan Page
Starbuck, W. H. (2006). Organizational Realities: Studies of Strategizing and Organizing. OUP Oxford.
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