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BibTeX - Year 2000

Publications dated 2000

January 2000

J.R. Hernandez, Jean-François Delaigle, and Benoit Macq. Improving data hiding by using convolutional codes and soft-decision decoding, Security and Watermarking of Multimedia Contents II, Volume 3971 of Proceedings of the SPIE, pages 24-48, January 2000 BibTeX

Jean-Jacques Quisquater, and Louis Guillou. The new Guillou-Quisquater Scheme, Proceedings of the RSA 2000 conference, January 2000 BibTeX

Joan Maria, and Benoit Macq. Techniques for secure execution of mobile code: a review, In Annales des Télécommunications, Volume 55-7-8, pages 379-389, January 2000 BibTeX

Jean-Jacques Quisquater, and Bruce Schneier. Proceedings of CARDIS 1998, January 2000 BibTeX

Jean-François Dhem, and Jean-Jacques Quisquater. Recent results on modular multiplications for smart cards, Proceedings of CARDIS 1998, Volume 1820 of Lecture Notes in Computer Security, pages 350-366, Springer-Verlag, January 2000 BibTeX

June 2000

Mehrdad Jalali, Gaël Hachez, and Christophe Vasserot. FILIGRANE (FlexIbLe IPR for Software AGent ReliANcE): A security framework for trading of mobile code in Internet, Autonomous Agents 2000 Workshop: Agents in Industry, June 2000 PDF BibTeX

July 2000

Gaël Hachez, and Jean-Jacques Quisquater. Montgomery exponentiation with no final subtraction: Improved results, In Ç.K. Koç, C. Paar, editor(s), Proceedings of Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems - CHES 2000, Volume 1965 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 293-301, Springer-Verlag, July 2000 PDF BibTeX

Noga Alon, Haim Kaplan, Michael Krivelevich, Dalhia Malkhi, and Julien Stern. Scalable Secure Storage when half the System is Faulty, In U. Montanari,J. D. P. Rolim,E. Welzl, editor(s), Proceedings of ICALP 2000, Volume 1853 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 576-587, Springer-Verlag, July 2000 PDF BibTeX

Olivier Pereira, and Jean-Jacques Quisquater. On the Perfect Encryption Assumption, In P. Degano, editor(s), Proceedings of the Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security (WITS 2000), pages 42-45, July 2000 PDF BibTeX

September 2000

Gaël Hachez, François Koeune, and Jean-Jacques Quisquater. Biometrics, access control, smart cards: a not so simple combination, In J. Domingo-Ferrer, D. Chan, A. Watson, editor(s), Fourth Working Conference on Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications (CARDIS 2000), Volume 180 of IFIP Conference Proceedings, pages 273-288, Kluwer Academic Publishers, September 2000 PDF BibTeX

December 2000

Gaël Hachez, Laurent Den, Mehrdad Jalali, Jean-Jacques Quisquater, and Christophe Vasserot. Towards a Practical Secure Framework for Mobile Code Commerce, Third International Information Security Workshop (ISW 2000), Volume 1975 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 164-178, Springer-Verlag, December 2000 PDF BibTeX

Jean-Sébastien Coron, François Koeune, and David Naccache. From fixed-length to arbitrary-length RSA padding schemes, In T. Okamoto, editor(s), Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2000, Volume 1976 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 90-97, Springer-Verlag, December 2000 PDF BibTeX

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