Principles of Scientific Communication

LFSA3010  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Principles of Scientific Communication
3.0 credits
30.0 h + 30.0 h

Main themes

This formation is scheduled on seven half-day modules, covering the following topics: - Organisation and life cycle of a scientific paper - Principles of technical writing - Technical English - Workshop on technical writing - Principles of oral communication in English - Workshop on oral communication in English The workshops require an active participation and deal with " the materials " brought by the participants. These materials can either be scientific articles (accepted for publication, refused, submitted or in preparation) or activity report, PhD research proposal '


This PhD-level course is intended to help the participants improving the quality of their documents and talks, and the impact and dissemination of their research results.  

The course will be organized in half day modules covering the following themes:

1) Writing scientific papers
2) Reviewing scientific papers
3) Useful software tools
4) Technical talks
5) Ethical issues in publication
6) Designing Posters

Most modules will be interactive, and will necessitate some (mandatory) personal work between the modules.

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