Architecture in question : structure, mechanical systems, construction (part A)

LTARC2065  2017-2018  Tournai

Architecture in question : structure, mechanical systems, construction (part A)
8.0 credits
90.0 h

This biannual course is taught on years 2014-2015, 2016-2017, ...

Gallez Olivier ; Faux Pascaline ; Wittevrongel Bernard (coordinator) ;
Main themes
  • Process of structure design: methods and tools
  • Exploration of the creative and innovative dimensions of structures
  • Integration of data on structure, construction and facilities in an architectural project

Specific learning outcomes:

Students will explore and test out the principles which link architecture to its formal, material and temporal dimension.

Students will be able to

  • approach certain specific methods of design.
  • manipulate certain tools of structural design.
  • develop a critical approach to available tools with a view to integrating them in architectural design.
  • integrate methods and tools linked to structure in the process of project design.
  • actively promote creativity in construction for the benefit of the project.

Contribution to the learning outcomes reference network:

Build knowledge of architecture

  • Be familiar with and analyse the discipline's basic references
  • Develop knowledge and become an active participant in the learning process

Make use of other subjects

  • Seek out other approaches, exchanges of views and ways of enhancing thinking about architecture

Use the technical dimension

  • Be able to apply the various basic technical principles in producing a work of architecture
  • Acquire an instinctive understanding of structures to use in producing a creative and/or innovative work of architecture

Express an architectural procedure

  • Identify the founding elements of a hypothesis or a proposal to express and communicate them

Adopt a professional attitude

  • Listen to and identify the different needs and points of view of the different stakeholders to be able to bring these together in respect of the desired objectives

Make committed choices

  • Activate and develop an ethical sense through approaches to architecture

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It's about design experimentation combined to a research of coherence between technique (structure and construction) and architecture resting on a construction material.

Key-words: architecture, material, (concept of) structure, (detail of) construction, synergy.

The aim is:

  • to elaborate and concretise an architectural idea and to bring an architectural idea to a constructible state in order to define the architectural project.
  • to study the material in all of its dimensions and its link to its physical, economical and technical environment
  • to  take conscience of the structural choices and the establishment of the construction modes in ordre to improve the creative development of the architectural design.
Teaching methods
  • Lectures
  • Architecture workshop
  • Personal research
Evaluation methods
  • Architectural design
  • Notebook

 Andrea Deplazes, Construire l'architecture, Birkhauser, Kenneth Frampton: Studies in Tectonic Culture, MIT Press, Cambridge, London, 1996

Mohsen Mostafavi, Structure as Space, AA editions, 2006, London

Luisa Collina : Process and pattern in architecture and design, Silvana, 2016, Milano

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Master [120] in Architecture (Tournai)

Master [120] in Architecture (Bruxelles)