European common foreign, security and defence policy

LEUSL2301  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

European common foreign, security and defence policy
5.0 credits
30.0 h

de Wilde d'Estmael Tanguy ;

LEUSL2020 "Droit institutionnel de l'UE" ou LEUSL2022 "Institutional law of the EU"

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Main themes
As an atypical competence within the European external action, CFSP will be analysed in its chronological dimension through its institutional and functional aspects under the consistency it induces and according to the type of diplomacy exposed in such cases. Case studies will show how the EU reacts to crises by mobilizing its civilian and military instruments. The course will analyse the European power deployed in such a case and will assess this phenomenon in regard of the main theories on European integration, Foreign policy and International Relations.
After having explained CFSP in the different dimensions of the EU external action, the student will be able to expose its origins, to define its singularity, to delimit its scope of actions and to understand its particular working. The student will also be able to master CFDP particularities, being a part of CFSP, and will be fit to situate the Security-Defence dimension of European integration within the general framework of European security. Case study will aim to explain the EU capacities as an international political actor and to characterize CFSP regarding the classical model of Foreign policy. In the same prospect, CFSP and CFDP will be related to the main theories on European integration and the traditional paradigms of the International Relations studies.

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- Study of CFSP within the framework of the EU External Action. - Origins and definitions: from European cooperation policy to European Security and Defence Policy. - The working of CFSP: Acts typology, procedures nomenclatura, representation mechanisms. - CFSP into action: Study cases. - Assessment of CFSP process and the power of the EU. - Main contributions of CFSP to the general study of Foreign policy.

Evaluation methods

Written or oral examination.

Other information

Prerequisite: LEUSL2012 "External Action of the EU"

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Master [120] in Interpreting

Master [120] in Political Sciences: International Relations

Master [120] in European Studies

Master [120] in Translation