Introduction to studies of the Ancient World 2 : Oriental languages and literatures

LGLOR1415  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Introduction to studies of the Ancient World 2 : Oriental languages and literatures
4.0 credits
37.5 h

Schmidt Andrea Barbara ; Tavernier Jan ; den Heijer Johannes (coordinator) ; Coulie Bernard ; Seldeslachts Herman ; De Callatay Godefroid ; Obsomer Claude ;


Main themes

An introduction to Oriental languages in all their linguistic and cultural diversity.

The course deals with the following themes:

1. The major historico-geographic landmarks;
2. The principal writing systems in use in the East;
3. Notions of the linguistic systems of the principal oriental languages;
4. An overview of the representative works of the literature in these languages.


At the end of this course, the student will have acquired an overview of the attested Oriental languages from the 3rd millennium BC to the present day. He will also have acquired more precision in respect of the most important languages and representative works of the literature.

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This course, presented by a team of lecturers, will deal with the following areas:

1. Classification of Oriental languages (Indo-european, Semitic, others);
2. The languages of the ancient middle east (notably Akkadian and Hittite);
3. The languages of ancient Egypt (hieroglyphic Egyptian and Coptic);
4. Hebrew and Aramaic languages (Aramaic and Syriac);
5. Byzantine Greek and the Caucasian languages (Armenian and Georgian);
6. The Arab language;
7. The languages of India (Sanskrit) and of Indianised Asia.

Teaching methods

Formal lectures

Evaluation methods

A written exam. Students will be questionned on the classification of Oriental languages and on three areas of their choosing.

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