Prospective anthropology seminar

LANTR2030  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

Prospective anthropology seminar
4.0 credits
22.5 h

Mazzocchetti Jacinthe ; Laurent Pierre-Joseph ; Simon Lionel (compensates Mazzocchetti Jacinthe) ;
Main themes
First part: As an introduction, the first sessions of the seminar are devoted to a kind of propaedeutics initiation about the history of the discipline, its schools and its concepts (structuralism, functionalism, symbolism, cul-turalism, néo-Marxism, constructivism, perspectivism...) and on its relationship with close disciplines (such as sociology, biology, the ethology, the history, psychology, hermeneutics...). Second part: Each year a relatively circumscribed field is chosen and introduced by the two persons in charge for the seminar (and possibly by invited specialists); then the students prepare, starting from the provided bibli-ographies, their own contributions (either on a purely individual basis, or in group). This choice of a concrete topic - such as the gift, the capacity, the system of belief, social change -, allows at the same time empirical thickening by the case study and the interpretative interpellation or the compared contextualisation and theoreti-cal engagement.
The seminar, while targeting the browsing of a precise topic, aims the assimilation, upstream, and the application of the grids of basic analysis of the social anthropology, the opening to the approaches of close, even remote, disciplines and, downstream, would like to support the exchanges between the team of the anthropologists members of the Laboratory of Prospective anthropology and the students, to encourage the blossoming of a year or a team spirit. To the occasion, guests anthropologists will present their practice in the field within the framework of an initiative entitled "Words of Anthropologist". Some visits to exposures or museum will be organized (Tervuren and/or Quai Branly, for example). The seminar works thus like the backbone of the Master in anthropology, by inculcating an identity intentionality specific to the Prospective anthropology developed in Louvain.

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Essentially, at the same time qualitatively and quantitatively, the method is that of magistral conferences (real-ized by the two teachers, guests and participants) follow-ups by discussions. Meetings entitled "Words of Anthropologists", where professionals come to explain their philosophical and practical choice in the discipline, are integral part of pedagogy, as well as possible visits with exposures of an ethnological nature. The seminar includes a residential weekend where theoretical plausibility and the practical reliability of the subjects chosen by everyone for the monograph (TFE) are discussed in group. Film projections and slides can also appear in the program.
Other information

Knowledge of the first cycle in social sciences The students are coached by two professors, as well as by researchers of the LAAP and guests.

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Master [120] in Sociology

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