Criminal Sanction's Execution Law

LCRIM2109  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

Criminal Sanction's Execution Law
4.0 credits
30.0 h

Beernaert Marie-Aude ; Moreau Thierry ;
Main themes

The topics covered will include questions related to the execution of all types of criminal sanctions(custodial sentenes, restrictions of personal liberty or financial sanctions). It will also examine the issue of the execution of sanctions imposed abroad, as well as the rules governing the registration or deletion of convictions in criminal records.


The course aims at supplementing the training of the students in criminal matters, by focusing on the end of the prenal process : the excecution of criminal sanctions.

Three specific objectives assigned with the course are:

  • to familiarize the students with the fundamental principles, the concepts and the legal technique which are specific to the execution of criminal sanctions
  • to learn them to handle the legal sources applicable in the field (statute, case law and doctrine);
  • to develop their critical sense and make them sensitive to respect of human rights for the weakest.

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After a general introduction devoted to the sources and the actors involved in the execution of criminal sanctions, the course will deal successively with the enforcement of non-custodial sentences (community service, probation, ... ) financial sentences (fines, confiscation) and custodial sentences (imprisonment). It will also address the issue of criminal records and rehabilitation.


Other information


  • M-A. Beernaert, Manuel de droit pénitentiaire, 2e éd., Limal, Anthemis, 2012
  • Th. Moreau et D. Vandermeersch, Eléments de droit pénal, Bruxelles, La Charte, 2018
  • Code de droit pénal
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