Elements of biochemistry

LCHM1271  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

Elements of biochemistry
4.0 credits
30.0 h + 24.0 h

Main themes
Introduction to basic molecules of biochemistry. 1. Amino acids and proteins 2. Carbohydrates 3. Lipids and biological membranes 4. Nucleic acids Function of bio molecules. 1. Structure of proteins 2. Enzymes Notions of molecular biochemistry - Replication of DNA - Transcription of DNA into RNA - Nucleic acid-protein complexes - Biosynthesis of proteins The practical work illusrates the properties of the main classes of biomolecules studied in the theoretical course and initiatee students to a certain number of techniques used currently in biochemistry.

  • 1 The objective is to introduce students to the structure of biomolecules and their function as well as, from a biochemical view, molecular biology. The course contains : a theoretical part aimed at presenting the basic concepts of biochemistry ; practical exercises aimed at illustrating the notions seen in the theoretical part.

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  • matériel sur moodle
  • Principles of Biochemistry de Lehninger
  • Biochemistry de Voet et Voet

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Bachelor in Chemistry