Comprendre l'adolescent en situation scolaire

lagre2020c  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Comprendre l'adolescent en situation scolaire
2.00 credits
22.5 h
Main themes
" To understand the adolescent in school situation, to manage the interpersonal relationship and to animate the class group" Main themes o School : an institution, a place to live, analysis of a complex situation. o The adolescence : cultural phenomenon and psychic process. o The adolescent faced with school : expectations, attitudes and representation. o The stakes in the relationship teacher-student: how to place oneself in the relation teacher-student? How to reconcile both roles of educating and teaching? o The connection of the adolescent with school authority: how to set up a true authority? o Demotivation and violence in secondary schools : fantasy or reality? o School and mental health : depression, drug addiction, deviant practises,' Methods o A particular care will be given to the coherence between the teaching methods used in the lecture and the concepts and tools which are developed. o Active procedures : learning by resolving problems, analysis of material, tools and practical cases (some may be presented by witnesses or videograms), discussion or debates. o In subgroup working time the active methodology (pratical exercises, situation scenario) will try to introduce the conceptual contributions starting from the students experience in the school field and through interpersonal and group relationships experienced during the seminar. Models meant to understand interpersonal and group situations will be introduced by the use of analysis grids developed through psycho-sociological approaches of communication (systemic, transactional, behavioural analysis)
Un portefeuille de documents comprendra des textes de base relatifs aux thèmes centraux du cours, il sera complété par des documents sur des outils de communication et de connaissance de soi fournis par les formateurs.trices qui animent les sous-groupes de séminaires.
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