English for Computer Scientists I

langl1181  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

English for Computer Scientists I
2 credits
12.0 h
Delghust Jean-Luc (coordinator); Meyers Lucille (coordinator);
  • Code control: general and specific vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation
  • Independent comprehension (reading and listening) of scientific documents related to a technical course in the Bachelor's program.
  • Proficiency in the language functions commonly used for group interaction.
  • Level 2 students (LVL2) will create a presentation project on a scientific topic related to a technical course in the Bachelor's program. They will have been taught the skills necessary to perform this task beforehand.
Teaching methods
The course's methods make use of active and interactive learning. This learning involves an important first step of preparation, on which the course will be based: students are given specific instructions to work, individually or in groups, on problems that will lead them to discover, for example, certain lexical or grammatical aspects of the documents. Students are encouraged to apply what they have prepared to the course, particularly in oral expression activities.
Evaluation methods
At the beginning of the academic year, students must sit the placement/examption test. The level of this test is similar to the one of the exam. This test will assess the student’s English level, and help us guide them toward a specific English program, English level 1-2-3.  

Level 1: 

January session 
Second session 
Continuous Assessment  
  • Attendance and participation  
  • Moodle  
10 %  
10 % (or 0 %*) 
Exam (January) 
90 %  
90 % (or 100 % *) 
*Continous assement grades are kept if they are in favor of the students final grade 

Level 2: 

January session 
Second session** 
Continuous Assessment  
  • Attendance and participation  
  • Moodle
  • Presentations 
25 % 
25 % 
Exam (January) 
75 % 
**Students will have to re-sit in 2nd session only the work for which they didn’t reach an average grade point. For the 2nd session evaluation, students will have to submit an individually crafted video presentation. It is the student’s responsibility to contact their teacher maximum 5 business days after graddes are posted, in order to figure out what has to be resubmitted for the 2nd session.  

Level 3:  

Students having earned a grade of 16/20 or more on the placement test will be exempted from taking the course and will maintain their exmption test grades as their final grade.  
Other information
Attending classes is compulsory.
Online resources
  • On Moodle UCL - LANGL1181 English for SINF11 students (LVL 1 & LVL 2)
  • LANGL1181 Teams on UCLouvain TEAMS platform
Teaching materials
  • Syllabus LANGL1181 - English for Computer Science Engineering
  • On Moodle UCL: LANGL1181 - English for Computer Science Engineering
  • Equipe Teams LANGL1181
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