English communication skills

langl2432  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

English communication skills
4 credits
30.0 h
Brabant Stéphanie (coordinator);
The student should have followed a course corresponding to the B1 level of the "Common European Framework " (Council of Europe) or equivalent.
Main themes
The student will be asked to engage in extended conversation activities and to develop his (mainly oral) communication skills and his accuracy in such situations as socializing, travelling abroad, taking part in / chairing a meeting, negotiating, building up an argument, exchanging information, telephoning, applying for a job (including writing a motivation letter and a CV), making an oral presentation.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The main objective of the course is the development of skills that will enable the students in the communication business (public relations, journalism') to function in the daily situations of their future professional activities.
By the end of the course (at the end of BAC 3), the student should have reached the B2 level of the "Common European Framework " (Council of Europe) for the following skills :
  1. reading comprehension
  2. listening comprehension
  3. oral expression
  4. written expression
The course focuses on mastering communication skills specific to the human resources/work science professional environment (navigating social situations, making phone calls, participating in meetings, giving presentations), as well as mastering academic language specific to these fields (conducting research and presenting findings). 
Teaching methods
Each unit will include language exploration and activation activities, to be completed alone or in groups, based on materials present in the course notes and/or to be provided by students after doing some research, and ends with an assessed application activity. Some units also include time for self-reflection and peer feedback. 
Students are always provided with a clear description of the final product to be delivered, as well as the evaluation criteria.
Evaluation methods
Evaluation for this course is based exclusively on continuous assessment: 
- a personal research project: 20%
- a presentation: 25%
- a phone call: 5%
- a meeting: 20%
- a socializing event: 10%
- participation (including quizzes on Moodle, preparations, etc.): 20%.
Other information
More detailed information can be found in the general introduction to the course (see course notes), as well as on the Moodle platform. Owing to the evolution of the Covid-19 crisis, some of the above information may have to be modified. Students will then of course be notified of the possible modifications.
Online resources
- the MoodleUCLouvain page "LANGL2432 - Interactive course"
- the LANGL2432 team on Teams
- le syllabus (disponible sur Moodle et chez UnifCopy)
- la page MoodleUCLouvain du cours
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