Applied soil sciences

lbire2104  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Applied soil sciences
4 credits
22.5 h + 22.5 h
Agnan Yannick; Delmelle Pierre (coordinator); Hardy Brieuc (compensates Delmelle Pierre);
- Introduction aux sciences de la Terre [LBIR1130]
- Introduction à l'ingénierie de la biosphère [LBIR1230]
- Sciences du sol et excursions intégrées [LBIR1336]
Main themes
- Soils as bio-physico-chemical reactors at the interface between the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere
- Pedological processes governing soil formation and functioning
- Physico-chemical reactions which underpin the response of soils to natural and anthropogenic perturbations

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 a. Contribution of the activity to the framework AA
M1.1, M1.2, M1.3, M1.4, M1.5
M2.1, M2.2, M2.3, M2.4
M6.2, M6.5

b. Expected learning outcomes
At the end of the activity, the student is able to:
- Describe the pedological processes governing soil formation and functioning
- Explain the physico-chemical reactions which underpin the response of soils to natural and anthropogenic perturbations
- Determine the factors and processes responsible for the variability of soil properties
- Assess the response of soil to natural and anthropogenic perturbations
1. Introduction
2. Soil acidity
3. Soil weathering and formation
4. Dynamics of soil organic matter
5. Sorption reactions
6. Redox reactions
7. Soil development
8. Case studies
Teaching methods
- Face-to-face classes
- Field group project
- Applied problems
Evaluation methods
- Intermediate written test
- Group project report
- Open book written exam
Other information
This course can be given in English.
Online resources
Lecture notes and other teaching resources available on Moodle
Blume H.-P., Brümmer G.W., Fleige H., Horn R., Kandeler E., Kögel-Knabner I., Kretzschmar R., Stahr K., Wilke B.-M. (2016). Scheffer/Schachtschabel soil science. Springer, Berlin. 618 p.
Calvet R. (2013). Le sol. France Agricole, Paris. 678 p.
Calvet R., Chenu C., Houot S. (2015). Les matières organiques des sols. France Agricole, Paris. 304 p.
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Master [120] in Environmental Bioengineering

Master [120] in Forests and Natural Areas Engineering

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