Individual project on culture and creation

lccr1310  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Individual project on culture and creation
5.00 credits
Q1 and Q2
LCCR1210 'Cultural theories and practices' or LCCR 1211 'Analysis of cultural practices'.
The prerequisites for this course are specified at the end of this form, in the section Programs/courses related to this course.
Main themes
The Individual Project in Culture and Creation (IPCC) involves a peculiar and autonomous learning activity related to the topics of culture and creation, treated from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The IPCC is part of the teaching activities of the Minor in Culture and Creation, which assigns great importance to students' autonomy and interdisciplinary approach.

The primary educational objective of the IPCC is to make students able to develop, through a personal reflection, a concrete activity. In order to complete their IPCC, students are expected to identify in disciplines with which they are familiar with relevant concepts and techniques useful to complete their project in Culture and Creation.
From this perspective, this course introduces and prolongs the skills developed by the LCCR1210 'Cultural Theory and Practice' and the LCCR 1211 'Analysis of cultural practices' courses.

This implies that students will be involved in the following steps:
- Selection of a conceptual and technical framework;
- Finding a UCL professor or a scholar that is willing to supervise the IPCC;
- Selection of a relevant activity;
- Defining a research question;
- Explaining the motivation of their choice;
- Leading a thematic activity and a research approach;
- Accounting for its activities with a certain scientific quality and with a critical eye, in order to become aware of and to evaluate their learning and skills.

The secondary educational objectives of the IPCC are:
- Encouraging students' self-training by allowing them to choose activities suitable to them that they will fulfill according to their rhythm and through personal productions (activity reports);
- Promoting a critical and reflective perspective as a major asset of college education by asking students to evaluate their own learning (in terms of knowledge, as well as know-how and skills);
- Diversifying the learning environment (museums, exhibitions, concerts, events, etc.);
- Integrating different approaches to the exploration of the subject by promoting the comparison of different views;
- Exposing students to topics related to culture and creation in order to enable them to express a critical and objective opinion on contemporary debates;
- Developing writing skills in order to deliver an academic paper.

The contribution of this course to the development of skills and aims of adjacent academic programs is available at the end of this form in the section 'Programs/courses related to this course'.
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Minor in Culture and Creation