Inorganic chemistry I

lchm1331  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Inorganic chemistry I
4 credits
37.5 h + 7.5 h
Devillers Michel; Hermans Sophie (compensates Devillers Michel);

The prerequisite(s) for this Teaching Unit (Unité d’enseignement – UE) for the programmes/courses that offer this Teaching Unit are specified at the end of this sheet.
Main themes
- Complements of general and theoretical chemistry allowing to give a more detailed description of chemical bonding in inorganic compounds - Fundamental concepts of coordination chemistry from the point of view of structure, physico-chemical properties and reactivity - Introduction to organometallic chemistry of transition metals

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 This course aims at deepening the notions of general inorganic chemistry given during the first two years, and mastering the main basic concepts of coordination chemistry including organometallic chemistry.
The course comprises two parts. The first parts covers the fundamental concepts in inorganic chemistry (reminders and complements). The second part deals with the basics of Coordination Chemistry.
Teaching methods
Theoretical course given in auditorium, with two exercice sessions given by an assistant
Evaluation methods
Written exam during the session, possibly with a complementary oral examination
Online resources
All documents necessary for this course are available on Moodle. All slides are present on Moodle, as well as an electronic copy of the reference book.
Liste exhaustive d'ouvrages de référence fournie dans les notes de cours.
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Programmes / formations proposant cette unité d'enseignement (UE)

Title of the programme
Bachelor in Chemistry

Minor in Chemistry

Master [120] in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology