Discourse Analysis

lclig2230  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Discourse Analysis
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5 credits
15.0 h
Introductory course to linguistics. 
Main themes
This course gives an overview of what discourse analysis is and covers the main methodological questions. It will treat discourse analysis from different points of view, in particular: linguistics (texture and cohesion), psycholinguistics (coherence, processing), sociolinguistics (conversation analysis, critical discourse analysis,).

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 Students will be able:
- to develop global knowledge of the different domains covered by discourse analysis as a discipline
- to apply the different theoretical concepts to concrete language situations
- to acquire detailed knowledge of at least one domain of investigation of discourse analysis.
This class focuses on the study of Discourse Markers as a linguistic category illustrating how their study can give us insight into the discourse level as a specific level of linguistic analysis. Each session will be dedicated to a particular empirical approach to discourse markers (L1 acquisition, L2 learning, translation, contrastive corpus analysis, processing, ...), illustrated by the selected articles. These readings will be complemented by in-class hands-on demonstration of relevant analyses.
Teaching methods
Research seminar
Students attend classes prepared, i.e. they have read the selected readings (submission of reading notes) and prepared questions to discuss. They present the (preliminary) results of a research project. If possible, a psycho-linguistic experimental design is set up with the whole group.
Evaluation methods
The evaluation is performed through an individual written essay (80% of the grade) verifying the student's ability to resolve problems analogous to the ones presented in class. The research underlying this essay will be the input for an oral presentation in class (20%).
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