Field in climatology 1

lclim2170  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Field in climatology 1
4 credits
60.0 h + 30.0 h

This biannual learning unit is being organized in 2021-2022
This course aims to (1) familiarize the students with alpine ecosystems, with specific focus on physical geography and human and socio-economic geography, and (2) apply geographical techniques and methods to acquire field data (including thematic mapping, questionnaires, and GPS surveys).
Teaching methods
During the excursion, the students will discuss and apply geographical concepts to study the alpine ecosystems. They will apply geographical techniques and methods to collect field data. This will be combined with scientific reporting, interactive debates and oral presentations.
Evaluation methods
The evaluation is based on three components:
  1. A project on one of the four transversal themes that will be addressed during the excursion. This project is based on the review of a minimum of two to three scientific papers and/or book chapters.
  2. An oral presentation of your project during the field excursion. The presentation needs to incorporate the elements that were discussed during the excursion, the complementary articles and/or book chapters and the obliged reading materials. 
  3. Contructive participation during the field campaign, measurements, reports and discussions.
Online resources
The material is available on the Moodle page of the course :
Bintz, P., Griggo, C., 2011. Climats et premiers peuplements des Alpes du Nord francaises : des derniers chasseurs aux premiers paysans. Revue de primatology 13. DOI 10.4000/primatologie.789
Hoblea, F. 2014. In the Folds of the Earth: French Prealpine Geomorphological Landscapes. In: M. Fort and M.F. André (Eds), Landscapes and Landforms of France, World Geomorphological Landscapes, Springer, Dordrecht. DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-7022-5_18.
Lamarque P. and Lambin E.F. 2015. The effectiveness of marked-based instruments to foster the conservation of extensive land use: The case of geographical indications in the French Alps, Land Use Policy, 42: 706-717.
Varlet J. 2012. Entre desserte (péri)urbaine et desserte aéroportuaire, les tramways de l’Est lyonnais. Revue Géographique de l’Est, 52: 2-16.
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Master [120] in Geography : Climatology