Theory and History of International Law

ldrin2001  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Theory and History of International Law
5.00 credits
15.0 h
Main themes
From the perspective of legal theory and legal history, this course aims at unravelling and analyzing the dynamics that have shaped and are currently at play in international law. In light of their knowledge of the primary and secondary rules of international law, students get the opportunity to understand how political, and more generally, societal factors influence the features and content of international law. By the same token, this course shows how the international law epistemic community and the theories that it produces impact on this field. Equipped with this theoretical and historical toolbox, students are able to critically reflect upon the essence, function and evolution of international law.
The course focuses on specific themes that are analyzed from a theoretical and a historical perspectives. It disentangles and analyzes the various factors of a societal, political and epistemic nature, that are relevant for the theme under study. Among other themes, the course offers an insight into the concept of international law, the fragmentation of international law, or the making of international law. Reading materials are assigned to help students to understand those themes.
Teaching methods
Interactive classes.
Evaluation methods
Final (oral or written) exam.
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