Travaux pratiques III

lfilo1223  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Travaux pratiques III
5 credits
2.5 h + 35.0 h

The prerequisite(s) for this Teaching Unit (Unité d’enseignement – UE) for the programmes/courses that offer this Teaching Unit are specified at the end of this sheet.
Main themes
The tutorial classes supplement the programme lectures and focus on the skills required to practise philosophy in an appropriate manner. These skills therefore form the core of the four series of tutorials that are spread over the first two years of the Bachelor's degree course (Tutorials 1, 2, 3 & 4).

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The tutorials offer a practical approach to philosophy and its history with three main learning outcomes:

1) acquisition of the tools required to read and write a philosophical text
2) learning the techniques of oral presentation and debate about philosophy.
3) training in bibliographical research and the best use of the basic heuristic tools required to identify and select primary and secondary sources in philosophy.

More specifically, the tutorials have five objectives:

(1) teaching close, critical reading of the classical philosophical texts and the corresponding secondary literature.
(2) learning how to produce a critical commentary and a dissertation or a philosophical essay in line with academic standards (quotations, references, bibliography, etc.).
(3) ability to reproduce and summarise (orally and/or in writing) the reasoning, arguments and methods examined. Students must also be able to compare, evaluate and critique them.
(4) ability to explain and deliver the results of their personal research on philosophical topics, issues or writers. The tutorials must therefore teach students report writing and the techniques of oral presentation.
(5) practice in drafting written assignments and in preparing oral presentations, specifically with the Bachelor's final assignment in mind.
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