Internship in a professional setting

lgeo2400  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Internship in a professional setting
4 credits
15.0 h
Q1 or Q2
Vanwambeke Sophie (coordinator);
The internship will allow students to discover applied geography in a professional setting. Internship can be done in the areas of mapping, GIS, statistiques, soil studies, transport, mobility, environment.
The internship will allow to:
  • Present various sectors of activity where applied geography is prominent;
  • Develop human qualities of integration, initiative, and adaptation to the work setting;
  • Develop students' motivation for jobs in the sector of geography and refine their choice of orientation;
  • Familiarise oneself with the application of theories and techniques learned in the cursus;
  • Acquire new competences.
Evaluation methods
Early evaluation: at the end of the first week, the student will fill in the form evaluationf the conditions encountered in the internship: 10% of final marks.
Written report to cover a description of the place of internship, an activity report, and a personal evaluation, approved by the internship host. 60%
Oral presentation to the academic director and the internship host: 30%.
The internship host will provide an evaluation of the student that will be taken into account into the final marks.
Other information
The place of internship as well as an internship supervisor will be suggested by the student and must be approved by the academic supervisor. A convention will be signed by all parties at the onset of the internship. The theme and activities must be agreed upon by the academic supervisor. This activity must be distinct from the master thesis and any other course activity. An internship is four weeks long or more. It must take place in the offices of the hosting institution. The student will keep the academic supervisor informed of progress and conditions encountered during the internship.
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