Edification soutenable 3 : architecture climatique

licar2823  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Edification soutenable 3 : architecture climatique
3.00 credits
22.5 h

  This biannual learning unit is not being organized in 2021-2022 !

Main themes
Part A Background and theories of climate-adapted architecture Sustainable development
Part B Advanced heating and cooling systems of buildings Relation between climate-adapted architecture and special building techniques Principles of energetic design in view of the type of building and the type of occupancy, including heat recovery techniques (winter) and natural cooling of buildings (summer) Models of simulation calculations
Examples (part A and part B) Research (part A and part B) The course is taught in French
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 Part A - Architecture and sustainable development - critical analysis of architecture in the sustainable development context, using written texts and examples
Part B - Advanced special techniques: energetic design of technical installations in relation to energetic design of buildings
  • Steele, J. (2005). Architecture écologique : Une histoire critique. Actes Sud
  • Oliva, J.-P., Courgey, S. (2010), L'isolation thermique écologique : conception, matériaux, mise en 'uvre - Neuf et réhabilitation. Terre Vivante
  • Contal, M.-H., Revedin, J. (2011), Sustainable Design II : vers une nouvelle éthique pour l'architecture et la ville. Actes Sud
  • Frey, P. (2010). Learning from Vernacular : pour une nouvelle architecture vernaculaire. Actes Sud
  • Reiter S. et De Herde A. (2001), L'éclairage naturel des bâtiments. Ministère de la Région Wallonne
  • Fontoynont M., Perraudeau M., Avouac P. (2011), Construire avec la lumière naturelle. CSTB Editions.
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