Management of companies in the world of sport and physical activity (stage and report stage)

liepr2293  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Management of companies in the world of sport and physical activity (stage and report stage)
16.00 credits
60.0 h
Q1 and Q2
Main themes
Define a business competitive terms (Positioning) Attractiveness analysis Analysis of users' behaviour; Organization of general accounting; Segmentation and selection of target markets, choice of development of services (inventory and demand forecasting); + practical training (75 hours) and report
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 At the end of the course the successful student will be able to... to teach student to develop his ability for decision-making process (on individual and collective level) through gathering and the analysing relevant information and selecting the most satisfactory options; to carry out a competing analysis in various fields of the physical activity industry; to evaluate the competitive advantage (competition analysis); to establish analyses of costs. To understand the concepts of differentiation and segmentation of target markets; to lead a business and its development. + training course and report to enable student to improve his communication skills, by giving the opportunity to present an effective argument, (both orally and in writing) about a particular business sector).
The course defines several techniques and methods which are intended to organize activity at an individual, departmental or company level. This course focuses on contemporary sport issues (facility and project development) showing the growing importance of working on a project basis. The course is structured around the characteristics of products/services and processes in a short, medium and long term planning of activities. The teaching methods adopted vary according to subject matter, and involve a combination of lectures, readings (preparatory or accompanying), analyses of concrete situations using simple examples and case studies.
Other information
Evaluation : Written examination, written report Support : Books Supervision : titular
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Master [120] in Motor Skills: Physical Education