Introduction to consecutive interpreting with retour: French > German

lintp2501  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Introduction to consecutive interpreting with retour: French > German
3.00 credits
15.0 h + 15.0 h
Level C2 German.
Main themes
General social and current affairs issues.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 Contribution of teaching unit  to learning outcomes assigned to programme 
With regard to the learning outcomes assigned to the Master's programme in Interpreting, this teaching unit contributes to the development and acquisition of the following goals: 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 6.1, 6.2, 6.4
On completion of this course the student will be able to:
-              Deliver correctly in German the message first expressed in French;
-              Refresh his or her knowledge of German;
-              Master and employ appropriate analytical methods and demonstrate the ability to digest information by separating the essential from the non-essential and giving due respect to nuance; 
-              Practise the level of detachment that makes possible an in-depth analysis of the talk; 
-              Communicate in such a way as to generate an atmosphere of confidence with his or her audience; 
-              Demonstrate flexibility and mental acuity in adapting without hesitation to novel communication situations; 
General subjects
Teaching methods
The students have to interpret either a text that is read or an audio recording or a video recording
Evaluation methods
Performance assessment during the classes. Immediate correction (contents, presentation, language)

Consecutive interpretation exam at the end of the module
Il est recommandé de lire régulièrement des journaux et revues allemands, d'écouter la radio allemande et/ou de regarder la télévision allemande pour approfondir les connaissances en langue allemande.
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Title of the programme
Learning outcomes
Master [120] in Interpreting