Internship in Research group

lling9996  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Internship in Research group
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10 credits
240.0 h
Q1 or Q2
Main themes
For this internship, the student will choose to work one NLP-related domain (Speech Processing, Information Retrieval or Extraction, Text Mining, Text Generation or Summarization, etc.). Before the start date he/she will increase his/her knowledge of this specific domain by doing some personal research and by reading reference papers and books.
At the end of the internship, the student will write a paper (15 pages) presenting his work and when applicable, an evaluation of his/her results.
We recommend to the students to choose the subject of their MA dissertation expanding on the subject of the internship. In that event, the dissertation will be dedicated to a theoretical study of the domain and the work done during the internship will be presented as the experimental part.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

Over the course of a 4 weeks internship (min. 4 weeks or 150 hours and max. 6 weeks or 210 hours) in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to be done in a company or a research center, the student will acquire or practice the following skills:
  • he/she will be in charge or will directly contribute to the development of a NLP application or he/she will carry a complex study relying on an advanced use of NLP tools (i.e. requiring tool customization or combination of different tools);
  • he/she will put into practice the knowledge and skills learned during the Master's program, will discover the requirements of NLP applications development and will get acquainted with NLP professionals in the framework of a real work experience.
The student will be supported by the local team and will work under the direct supervision of a placement supervisor.
Evaluation methods
A report must be submitted upon completion of the internship. The report must include: a short presentation of the place where the internship took place (company, research center, etc.), a theoretical introduction of the field relevant to the project, a detailed description of the practical work that was done (in terms of R&D, evaluation, etc.), conclusion and outlook.
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