Psychology of human resources

lpsp1321  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Psychology of human resources
5 credits
30.0 h
Students will be given an overview of the place of human resources management (HRM) in managerial policies and strategies, and more generally in the functioning of a company. More specifically, the main methods, procedures and tools used in the different HRM practices will be presented. In each case, the specific contribution of psychology will be discussed.
In concrete terms, the different HRM practices that will be discussed are:
(a) job analysis;
(b) evaluation and classification of jobs;
(c) recruitment;
(d) personnel selection;
(e) compensation management;
(f) performance evaluation;
(g) training and development.
Teaching methods
The course will be based on lectures, along with exercises, case studies and discussions/debates that will be facilitated by the Professor.
Evaluation methods
If the number of students who enrol in the course allows it (max. 75-80), an oral exam will be held. The student will be asked to answer two questions, chosen at random. S/he will have 2-3 minutes of preparation/reflection before presenting his/her answers. If the number of students exceeds 75-80, a written exam consisting of a MCQ part (for 15 out of 20 points) and a case study part (for 5 out of 20 points) will be organized. For the MCQ part, no penalty points will be applied in the event of a wrong answer. Therefore, the student will have to correctly answer 20 of the 30 questions to obtain a score of 7.5/15 in this part.
Based on the number of students, the examination form will be specified during the 2nd week of the course. The information will then be available on Moodle.
Other information
Having taken the the 2nd year course in work and organizational psychology is an asset, but is not essential.
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