Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

lpsys2143  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
4 credits
45.0 h
The course uses a reverse class approach. At the beginning of the course, students are asked to recall research methods:
Qualitative methods
  • Construction of a qualitative research design and the epistemological position
  • Data collection methods: semi-directive interview, focus group, participant observation, diary, visual methods
  • Methods of data analysis: thematic analysis, grounded theory, phenomenological methods, discursive methods, narrative methods
  • Assessing research quality: Validity and triangulation
Quantitative methods
  • Research questions and hypotheses
  • Variables; factors of validity and reliability
  • Selection of participants
  • Methods for the relationship between variables, differences in levels of a variable, and differences within a variable (and methods of conterbalancing).
  • Research methods and the university and clinic ethics board
During the course, students work in groups to create a quantitative and qualitative research method. Students are supported during the course by the two professors.
Teaching methods
Lectures and supervisions
Evaluation methods
Develop and construct a quantitative research design and a qualitative research design: written and video report. Both evaluations must have a minimum grade of 10/20.
Other information
The course uses a hands-on approach where students plan qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate a common scenario. The course begins with a summary of the methods, measures and resources used by the faculty, and a summary of the university and clinic ethics board. Then, the students are separated, and with the support of each teacher, the students learn and develop a research method to study a common scenario. Then there is a discussion on the different values and qualities that each scenario research method gives. For the rest of the course, students will exchange, in the same format, so that each student understands both types of methods.
Students should have a basic knowledge of both qualitative and quantitative methods, for example :
  • LPSP1012 Observation Methodologies
  • LPSP1210 Research Methods
Online resources
Willig, C. (2013). Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology (3th Ed.).UK: Open University Press.
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