Advanced workshops of analysis methods

lpsys2164  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Advanced workshops of analysis methods
2.00 credits
15.0 h
Edwards Martin; Vannuscorps Gilles (compensates Edwards Martin);
Introduction to single-case studies
Introduction to the logical and methodological foundations of the approach
Introduction to the main types of statistical analyses appropritate to single-cases
Introduction to the main advantages and limits of the appoach
Teaching methods
Lectures, readings of scientific articles and discussions/debates. 
Evaluation methods
The evaluation includes two parts: 
  1. An oral presentation (in French or English) in front of the class, by small groups (the size will be determined based on enrollment) in the context of a discussion/debate on the advantages and limits of single-case studies. This part will be scored on 5 points.
  2. A written report (in French or English, approx. 5-10 pages long) in which you will propose a new single-case study based on a case described in class. You will describe the theoretical context, the design, the statistical analyses, possible results and their meaning. This part will be scored on 15 points.
The final note, on 20, will be the sum of the score obtained on parts (1) and (2).
Other information
The course is given in English. The evaluation of the course can be made in English or French.
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