Schooling and Orientation

lpsys2412  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Schooling and Orientation
6.00 credits
45.0 h + 15.0 h
Nils Frédéric;
 The course consists of three parts.
The first of these is based on most of the current theoretical models in the field of educational and vocational guidance.
The second part of the course consists of a presentation of the techniques most commonly used in counselling or guidance education practice.
The third part of the course is devoted to the application of the first two parts in concrete "lifelong" guidance issues: guidance in compulsory education, choice of higher education, finding a first job and reorientation during a career.
Teaching methods
Interactive lectures, illustrations, case studies, practical work, presentations by experts in the field
Evaluation methods
The evaluation will consist of individual work and a written examination with two questions requiring further development. The work and exam must be successful to be credited with the course.
Online resources
Slideshows used during classes and reading portfolio available on moodle
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Master [120] in Education (shift schedule)

Master [120] in Psychology