Analysis and Intervention in socio-educational organization

lpsys2416  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Analysis and Intervention in socio-educational organization
4 credits
30.0 h
The course consists of an application of organisational psychosociology and organisational theories to the case of socio-educational organisations. The foundations of the psychosociology of organisations are first presented and  important concepts are specified. Then, four of the major theories of organisational theories are detailed (mechanistic, organicist, culturalist and strategic). These theories are then applied in a case study carried out by the students in a socio-educational organisation of their choice. A presentation of these case studies is made during the last classes of the four-month period.
Teaching methods
The course will take the form of interactive lessons with illustrations and student presentations.
Evaluation methods
The evaluation of the students' achievements will be done in three ways. Firstly, on the basis of an information gathering exercise in a socio-educational organisation, students will produce a written report. Secondly, this written report will be the subject of an oral presentation in class. Finally, a written examination consisting of two open questions on the course content will be held during the examination session.
Online resources
The slideshows used during the lessons and a reading portfolio are available on moodle.
Hatch, M. J., & Cunliffe, A. L. (2009). Théorie des organisations : De l'intérêt de perspectives multiples. Bruxelles : De Boeck.
Morgan, G. (1999). Images de l'organisation. Québec : Presses de l'Université Laval.
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