Transcultural and intercultural clinical psychology

lpsys2739  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Transcultural and intercultural clinical psychology
5.00 credits
45.0 h
Brackelaire Jean-Luc;
The course focuses on the cultural and intercultural dimension and dynamics of phenomena in clinical psychology. Each socio-culture builds its conceptions and experiences of the body, of the person and of relationships, of childhood, adulthood and development, of illness and of health, somatic, psychic and collective, of their causes and ways of intervening psycho- and socio-therapeutically. These conceptions and experiences take place in always specific histories, and they are constructed and transformed through intercultural and social conflicts and exchanges, where religious, economic and political aspects are also of great importance. It is crucial for the clinical psychologist, as for any practitioner and researcher in the intercultural field, to find his way in this diversity and these transformations, to listen and work as best as possible with the persons he welcomes and to situate precisely the limit and the scope of its own representations and practices, and open up interculturally, against the risks of blind and violent ethnocentrism and universalism.
Teaching methods
The course involves three “materials”: 1) the oral course, including several audio-visual documents and, depending on the year, one or more presentations by external speakers; the exchanges that take place within the framework of the oral course are very important; 2) associated texts, which can be found on the course site on MoodleUCL, some of which are indicated as optional reading; the course site also hosts the slide show (in progress), on which are indicated documents (broadcasts, conferences, texts) seen or discussed during the course and accessible on the internet; 3) a book of your choice, which allows a deepening of a problem of transcultural and intercultural clinical psychology; it can be a monograph, a collective work, an issue of a journal in the field, a thesis or a dissertation, etc. Given the exceptional situation resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic, the course may alternate face-to-face and remote sessions according to a schedule that will take into account the evolution of the epidemic.
  • Diaporama, textes accessibles via le site Moodle du cours, documents audiovisuels accessibles en ligne.
Teaching materials
  • Diaporama, textes accessibles via le site Moodle du cours, documents audiovisuels accessibles en ligne.
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