lpsys2743  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

6 credits
45.0 h
Sixteen different themes will be studied during the seminar. Among them, to illustrate, the following themes will be used: dark thoughts-suicide; psychologist's self-care; non violent communication; identity and life transitions. Beyond the themes suggested by the teachers, the students can suggest and work on personal themes (subject to the authorization of the professors).
These themes will be addressed in order to fit the learning objectives of the course across the semester so that the different dimensions of a the psychological care of adults are studied.
Teaching methods
During the first session, the learning objectives, methods and specific themes to work on will be presented. Themes will deal with difficulties in clinical psychology of adults that clinical psychologists regularly encounter in their practice, whatever the setting (e.g., private consultations, in the hospital, individually and in groups).
In subgroups, students choose a theme. They have min. 1 month to prepare the training of the other students. It will include :
(1) min. 1 tp 2 clinical illustrations/cases/vignettes provided from their probation period(s) or the literature (The clinical vignettes are chosen so as to sufficiently illustrate the complexity of real cases) ;
(2) activities that mobilize competences of (a) case analyses/interpretations; (b) intervention and its underlying reasoning based particularly on the scientific literature ; and (c) personal reflexivity. The sharing of reflexions during exchanges in the group should be sought.
The manuscript will refer to at least 5 references among which 2 at least will date later than the year 2000 and 2 at least will be in English. The manuscript will be posted on MoodleUCL to facilitate learning among the other students. It will also include a recommended bibliography section (further readings) to allow afin further reflections on the chosen theme.
The professors will supervise the group work.
Each activity of the seminar is subject to rules of ethics and deontology of the practice of the psychologist.
Depending on the epidemiological situation and the number of enrolled students, the seminar will take place in person or remotely.
Evaluation methods
In subgroups of 4 to 6 students, each subgroup prepares and leads a session on a specific clinical theme. The oral presentation and leading of the seminar and its members will compose 50% of the grade. A synthesis subgroup written work, that takes the intermediate feedbacks and sharings, will be submitted by the end of the semester. It will compose 50% of the grade. Students are invited to provide their constructive (formative) comments on the accomplished works.
Other information
Clinical concepts studied in the 2nd, 3rd bachelor and 1st master are expected to be learned.
Online resources
Registration to MoodleUCL is required; guidelines and works will be posted on MoodleUCL.
https://moodleucl.uclouvain.be/course/view.php?id=12127 (in French only)
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