Clinical neuropsychology seminar

lpsys2943  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Clinical neuropsychology seminar
6 credits
45.0 h
- Presentation of the different decision making steps of neuropsychological rehabilitation
- Activities to apply these different steps to different clinical vignettes (individual work, group work and class discussion)
Teaching methods
(1) Plenary sessions that put the emphasis on the conceptual bases, (2) individual and group work on the basis of clinical vignettes, and (3) debates in class.
Evaluation methods
Oral presentations of group work (60% of the global mark) and written individual work (40% of the global mark).
Other information
Concepts seen in the LPSYS2925 course are assumed to be mastered.
Online resources
Course slides and other materials on Moodle
Facultatif pour approfondir la matière:
  • X. Seron & M. Van der Linden (2014). Traité de neuropsychologie clinique de l'adulte, Tome 1 : évaluation.  De Boeck.
  • X. Seron & M. Van der Linden (2016). Traité de neuropsychologie clinique de l’adulte, Tome 2 : rééducation. De Boeck.
  • S. Majerus, M. Poncelet,. M. Van der Linden, I. Jambaqué & L. Mottron (2020). Traité de neuropsychologie de l'enfant. De Boeck.
Teaching materials
  • Moodle
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