Concepts de base en statistique inférentielle

lstat2013  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Concepts de base en statistique inférentielle
3.00 credits
15.0 h + 15.0 h
The class is focused on the presentation of key probabilistic concepts such as:
  • Point estimation
  • Confidence intervals
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Type I and II errors
  • Applications to the case of normal population(s) 
  • Applications to the case of proportions.
Teaching methods
The class consists of lectures (15h) and exercises sessions (15h).
The classes and the TP are intended to be face to face.
Teaching language: French.
Evaluation methods
Face-to-face, written exam of 3 hours, closed book with the possibility of using a pocket calculator and a brief standard formulary (the same for all students) that lists for well known distribution families: the moment generating function, the expected value, the variance and the probability function. The list is available in the main reference (Wackerly et al. 2007) and is distributed to students together with probability tables from the same reference. 
The exam consists of theoretical questions and exercises to be solved and counts for 70% of the final grade. A 'test dispensatoire' (non-compulsory) will be organized in the beginning of the semester and an evaluation (compulsory) before the regular exam session will be organized at the end of the class. These two forms of evaluation have an equivalent complexity as the exam in the regular exam session and are organized in a similar fashion.  
During the semester, the student must hand-in 3 compulsory assignments (short, 1 to 2 pages maximum per assignment), counting for 30% of the final grade. The homework is to be solved individually or in groups of 2. A grade will be awarded per group.
The exact evaluation methods could be adapted according to the constraints linked to the sanitary conditions in force at the time of the exam sessions.
Other information
Prerequisite courses: LSTAT2011; LSTAT2012; LSTAT2013. 
Online resources
Moodle website of the class: LSTAT2013 - Concepts de base en statistique inférentielle.
  • Wackerly, D.D., Mendenhall, W. et Scheaffer, R.L. (2007). Mathematical Statistics with Applications, 7th Ed., International student edition, Brooks-Cole.
  • Rice J.A. (2007). Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis 3rd Ed., Duxbury Press.
  • Droesbeke, J.-J. (1997). Eléments de Statistique. Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles & Editions Ellipses.
  • Khuri, A (1993). Advanced calculus with applications in statistics, Wiley, New York.
Teaching materials
  • Transparents du cours et syllabus disponible sur Moodle
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