Architectural design studio 1 : initiation

ltarc1101  2021-2022  Tournai

Architectural design studio 1 : initiation
20.00 credits
240.0 h
Q1 and Q2
Main themes
The training developed in the architecture project workshop 1 aims to acquire the basics of understanding and practice of the architecture project through successive projects with targeted objectives.
Skills are acquired through the architecture project in response to the complexities inherent in the following themes:
  •     Scales from inhabited to territory
  •     Built and unbuilt, cultural and historical contexts
  •     Architectural Types and Typologies
  •     Structures and Materials of the architectural space.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The general objective of the Bachelor's degree in Architecture is to be able to:
- READ (make out, understanding, find the meaning of, distinguish, recognise)
- DESCRIBE (represent, draw or follow)
- USE (join, combine, order) the basic components of architecture, with sensitivity and understanding of the  basic, long-term values which are at the heart of the discipline.
Architectural Project 1 achieves this general objective by way of an introduction. It covers the four primary dimensions of architecture: formality, usage, construction and context.
Contribution to the learning outcome reference framework:
Design a project
  • Sensibly bring together and develop natural and artificial environments (landscape, urban, buildings) within a framework of basic parameters
  • Express and prioritise the aims of the projects so as to be able to make choices
  • Understand, test and bring together the organisation of the space through an architectural project
  • Analyse, consider and invent architectural practices through drawings and models
  • Adopt approaches which are methodical, creative, metaphorical, perceptive, collaborative
Build knowledge of architecture
  • Be familiar with and understand written, drawn or built references which form the foundation of the discipline
Place the action
  • Observe, analyse and interpret the main components of the prevailing cultural situation. Show the potential of this situation through the impact of the architectural project
  • Recognise, observe and describe the targeted environments and contexts
  • Use the technical dimension
  • Be familiar with and recast technical and scientific knowledge of building so as to use it as a driver in designing architecture which is highly efficient and sustainable
  • Express an architectural procedure
  • Use traditional and artistic methods to explore, discover, design, reveal a reality, a design or a project
Adopt a professional attitude
  • Organise, plan, develop and bring together the different strands of individual work
Make committed choices
  • Understand the merits of an idea which can lead to the objectives to be achieved by the project ; follow through with determination, even by means of a modest intervention, the implementation of this idea and the achievement of these objectives
  • Apprendre à voir l'Architecture, B. Zevi. Editions de minuit.
  • L'apprentissage du regard, leçons d'architecture de Dominique Spinetta, B. Donadieu. Editions de la Villette.
  • Histoire de l'architecture moderne, Peter Gossel. Editions Taschen.
  • 101 petits secrets d''architecture qui font les grands projets, M. Frederick, Editions Dunod
  • Petit manuel d'architecture, L. Jackson, Editions Dunond
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