Architectural design studio 2 exploration

ltarc1201  2021-2022  Tournai

Architectural design studio 2 exploration
20.00 credits
240.0 h
Q1 and Q2

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Main themes
The training offered in the Architectural Project 2 workshop explores different facets of architectural work, through a series of projects with defined objectives and in line with the relevant reference points.
There is an environmental programme and context to the topics studied:
  • living in the wide sense of the term (domestic, collective, urban, regional)
  • the constructed environment, in scale with the local area, on defined plots, linked with existing building together with the component dimensions of architectural space : structure, light and material.
As part of students'learning about architectural design, the Architectural Project 2 unitbrings together these topics in the gradual process of learning design skills.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The general objective of the Bachelor's degree in Architecture is to be able to:
- READ (make out, understanding, find the meaning of, distinguish, recognise)
- DESCRIBE (represent, draw or follow)
- USE (join, combine, order) the basic components of architecture, with sensitivity and understanding of the  basic, long-term values which are at the heart of the discipline.
Architectural Project 2 achieves this general objective by exploration, following on from the introduction given in Architectural Project 1.
Contribution to the learning outcome reference framework:
Design a project - exploration
  • Sensibly bring together and develop natural and artificial environments (landscape, urban, buildings) within a framework of basic parameters
  • Express and prioritise the aims of the projects so as to be able to make choices
  • Understand, test and bring together the organisation of the space through an architectural project
  • Analyse, consider and invent architectural practices through drawings and models
  • Adopt approaches which are methodical, creative, metaphorical, perceptive, collaborative
Test an artistic approach
  • To imagine, produce and explore various possible avenues to respond to a question
Build knowledge of architecture
  • Be able to use given references which, by analogy, can lead to other interpretations of the context
Place the action
Experiment with the possibilities of transforming a context
Use the technical dimension
  • Observe and assess the main construction principles of a building
  • Acquire an instinctive understanding of structures to use in producing a creative work of architecture
Express an architectural procedure
  • Be familiar with, understand and use the codes for representing space, in two and three dimensions
La bibliographie sera communiquée par les titulaires lors de l’énoncé du projet.
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