ltarc1380  2021-2022  Tournai

2.00 credits
40.0 h
Weiss Emmanuelle (coordinator);
Main themes
The internship provides students of architecture the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the activities and procedures involved in the process of building. While linked to the teaching at the Faculty, the internship takes place in time at a very different rhythm to that of organised teaching and thus enables theoretical knowledge to be applied in a professional framework.
The Bachelor's degree internship takes place on a building site, in a structure dealing with the built environment in Belgium or abroad ' shell, facilities, finishing off. It is compulsory to have the on-site presence of a building professional who will supervise the student's training. At the end of the internship, the building professional writes a report on what the student has done, accompanied by various formal documents to guarantee its validity.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The internship on a building site is designed to generally to:
an experience of the business world, formed by close contacts made with building professionals in the context of a construction or renovation site.
These internships help to bring students' horizons closer to those in the professional world through in-depth knowledge of the stakeholders involved in building. This familiarity with 'reality' will certainly make its mark on their role as designers of buildings by giving them a real sense of practical work in the field and which is vital for the development of their learning.
In this context, it is crucial to remember that these internships have an educational focus.
Specific learning outcomes:
By the end of the course, students will be able to
  • work in a team to observe and understand the role of players involved in building.
  • develop a considered and thoughtful approach to both theoretical knowledge and professional practice.
  • become actively involved in the work on a site and to be aware of their responsibilities.
  • recreate their experience in the field clearly and precisely through a report written in the suggested format.
Contribution to the learning outcomes reference framework:
Use the technical dimension
  • Observe and assess the main construction principles of a building
Adopt a professional attitude
  • Test and observe the framework of professional practice and architectural knowledge through independent involvement
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Bachelor in Architecture (Tournai)