Project management and professional practice

ltarc2281  2021-2022  Tournai

Project management and professional practice
3.00 credits
30.0 h
Meunier Matthieu;
Main themes
This teaching unit is designed to expose student architects to their commitments and responsibilities, from the perspective of participating in a design team/specific realisation in the construction sector.
In this unit, students will become familiar with and understand the issues relating to the legal status of architect. The unit will clarify the different levels of responsibility and will provide a practical explanation of the different tools to manage a project and a construction site.
The teaching unit is made up of two parts:
  1. Professional practice and the role of the architecture with the objective of planning / implementing a project
  2. Tools to manage the project process and contractual framework of a construction site.
The programme deals with the following topics:
  • Introduction to the legal framework of the profession of a practising architect (design, implementation of regulations and building controls)
  • Objectives, challenges, impacts and responsibilities of an architecture assignment
  • Breaking down of the different steps and stages of a complete architectural project (implementation) & drawing up of the relevant contractual documents
  • Documents for the organisation and management of a project involving a construction / implementation process.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 This teaching unit enables students to identify the framework of their profession as an architect and to be able to find information to assess it from the legal framework and responsibilities involved.
Contribution to the learning outcomes reference network:
Make committed choices
  • Develop awareness of the political meaning of the work of an architect and his/her responsibility towards society
  • Activate and develop an ethical sense through approaches to architecture
Adopt a professional attitude
  • Test and observe the framework of professional practice and to architectural knowledge through independent involvement
  • Act as an independent player able to understand the framework of his/her mission, and the responsibilities towards third parties as well as his/her legal obligations
  • Organise, plan, develop and bring together the different strands of individual or collective work
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Master [120] in Architecture (Tournai)