Interdenominational theological dialogue

ltheo2361  2021-2022  Louvain-la-Neuve

Interdenominational theological dialogue
4.00 credits
30.0 h

This biannual learning unit is being organized in 2021-2022
D'Aloisio Christophe;
Main themes
To achieve those objectives, the course will study in depth several documents and themes of an interdenominational theological dialogue (for instance, the Roman Catholic - Orthodox or the Anglican - Lutheran dialogue...).
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 - to give an account of a research on a question being the subject of an interdenominational theological dialogue ;
2 - to highlight its theological and ecumenical issues.
THEO 2361 - Interconfessional Theological Dialogue - Christophe D'Aloisio
Although all churches have experience of theological dialogues, both in their ancient and in their modern and contemporary history, the status and methodology of dialogues may substantially differ from one community to another. The course will identify various types of possible dialogues, their methods and aims, and then analyse the ecumenical challenges of several current theological dialogues.
Teaching methods
Unless otherwise stated, course given in class.
Evaluation methods
Oral Examination
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Master [120] in Theology

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