Design of the drug

wfarm1008  2021-2022  Bruxelles Woluwe

Design of the drug
2.00 credits
15.0 h + 15.0 h
Main themes
The course will present the long path in the development of a new drug using examples, it will illustrate the design of new chemical entities, pre-clinical development and clinical studies. During seminar, small group of the students will acquire the competences mentioned in the objectives.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The aim of the course is to explain the different steps in the discovery of a new drug to its delivery to the patient and to lead to the understanding of the interaction of the different scientific domains involved in drug conception. In this content, the student will learn to use scientific data banks criticize the information and for good scientific communication
During the course, the steps involved in the development of a new drug will be described from chemistry in drug design to drug marketing. The relation of the key steps with the different courses that will be taught will be explained. Duirng the seminars, The student will analyze the scientific notice of the marketed drugs. The methods for the seminars will combine teaching and on line training.
Teaching methods
Class teaching as well as seminars under the supervision of teaching assistants
Evaluation methods
Written exam.
The seminar interogation counts for 20% of the mark of the exam in session II. The rest of the mark is attributed on the basis of the answers to the questions of Prof Préat (8 points out of 20) and Prof Muccioli (8 points out of 20). In session III, the mark is awarded on the basis of the answers to the questions of Prof Préat (10 points out of 20) and Prof Muccioli (10 points out of 20).
The modalities of the written exam will depend on the health situation (cfr Covid 19).
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Other information
This course is given in the second period as we aim to use the knowledge acquired in the general subjects (chemistry, biology, anatomy).
Participation in the seminars is compulsory and indispensable for the validation of the teaching unit. Any unjustified absence will lead to a penalty in the EU examination which may go as far as the cancellation of the examination mark for the year of study in question (0/20). In case of repeated absences, even if justified, the teachers may propose to the jury to oppose the registration for the EU exam in accordance with article 72 of the RGEE.
Online resources
An adapted version of the material presented during the lessons is available on the "moodle" platform.
Teaching materials
  • Une version des supports présentés est disponible sur Moodle.
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Master [120] in Biomedical Engineering

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