wfarm2286  2021-2022  Bruxelles Woluwe

7 credits
In Block 1 of the Master's programme, during a one-month internship between M1 and M2, and at the beginning of Block 2 of the Master's programme in pharmaceutical sciences, the student opting for the in-depth option (student-researcher) will carry out a research project in a laboratory under the supervision of a promoter.
Teaching methods
Stage d’immersion en laboratoire durant le parcours de Master. Rédaction d’un mémoire, présentation du travail de recherche reprenant le contexte et les questions posées lors du travail, la stratégie et moyens mis en place pour répondre aux questions, les résultats obtenus et leur mise en perspective.
Evaluation methods
The score assesses the investment in bibliographic research, in the design of experiments and data collection, and in the critical thinking of the results.
The mark is awarded by the promoter on the basis of the following criteria
- Understanding of the field and the questions asked
- Personal contribution to the design of the experiments/data collection
- Research in the literature
- Critical thinking
- Autonomy in writing the dissertation: introduction to the state of the art, clarity of objectives, discussion, bibliographic references (before the promoter's intervention)
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Title of the programme
Master [120] in Pharmacy