General physiology

wsbim1201  2021-2022  Bruxelles Woluwe

General physiology
6 credits
40.0 h + 25.0 h
Feron Olivier; Gilon Patrick (coordinator);
Main themes
Cells and living beings are thermodynamic open systems, and exchange matter and energy with their environment. General physiology study cell homeostasis, the mechanisms regulating the exchanges between cells, and the interactions between cells and their environment.

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 The objective is to study the basic concepts of cellular physiology and the fundamental properties of eukaryotic cell.
The course first addresses the general mechanisms that ensure the maintenance of the internal environment and the exchange of materials with the surrounding environment. The study of intercellular communications then highlights the chemical and electrical means available to the cells for the transmission of the many information essential for the control and regulation of vital functions. Finally, a chapter is devoted to the study of contractile properties and excitation-contraction coupling mechanisms in different types of muscles. 
Teaching methods
Lecture in auditorium + flipped classroom for some parts of the course (= podcasts supplemented by sessions in auditorium to answer students' questions).
Evaluation methods
Questions requiring short-open-responses (QSOR) most often involving calculations and diagrams/schemes to be built or completed + multiple-choice questions (MCQ).
The number of questions will reflect the hourly volumes of each teacher. The final mark will take into account the results in each part, in the form of an arithmetic average weighted according to the hourly volumes of each teacher.
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see WSBIM1201T & WSBIM1201P
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