English for Computer Scientists I

langl1181  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

English for Computer Scientists I
2.00 credits
12.0 h
Delghust Jean-Luc (coordinator); Meyers Lucille (coordinator);
  • Mastery of the code: general and specific vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation.
  • Independent comprehension (reading and listening) of scientific documents related to the computer science sector.
  • Mastery of language functions (oral and written expression) commonly used for group interaction and collaborative work.
  • Interaction and collaboration in English.
Teaching methods
The teaching method emphasizes active and interactive student learning and are based on the principle of the flipped classroom. Students are encouraged to adopt a reflective approach to their work and their progress. A typical sequence operates as follows:
1. Before the class: preparation of the unit's material through the various resources (see section "course materials") according to the schedule presented on Moodle UCLouvain.
2. Class session during which students are asked to apply what has been prepared beforehand through collaborative and individual class activities.
3. After the class session, it is the students' responsibility to redo the exercises according to their needs identified during the class sessions (teacher feedback, personal notes...).
Evaluation methods
At the beginning of the academic year, all students must take the exemption test. The exemption test is held on a date determined by the faculty before the beginning of classes. Students who do not take the exemption test will be automatically placed in a group course.
Students with a score of 16/20 or higher on the exemption test will be excused from the course and will keep their exemption test score as their final course grade.
Students who do not receive an exemption will take the regular course and undertake the various parts of the evaluation.
The written exam will cover the content of the course units and the skills developed during the year.
Grading Rubric
 First session (January)
Second (and potential third) session (June-August) 
Continuous Assessment
  • Preparation
  • Class attendance and active participation
10 %
10 % (or 0 %*)
Written exam
90 %
90 % (or 100 % *)
*The continuous assessment grade is kept if it is in favor of the student.
Other information
Attendance at class is mandatory. A connected device (tablet/PC/smartphone) is required to actively participate in class sessions.
Use of the Flowchase app requires a tablet or smartphone (Apple or Android) with a working microphone and speaker.
Online resources
    • Moodle UCL:  LANGL1181 English for SINF11 students
    • LANGL1181 on Microsoft Teams UCLouvain
Teaching materials
  • Syllabus LANGL1181 - English for Computer Science Engineering
  • On Moodle UCL: LANGL1181 - English for Computer Science Engineering
  • Equipe Teams LANGL1181
  • Flowchase - (App iOs / Android)
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