Building pathology and expertise

lbarc2165  2022-2023  Bruxelles Saint-Gilles

Building pathology and expertise
3.00 credits
30.0 h
Main themes
By considering the most commonly occurring problems, topic by topic, phase by phase, this teaching unit focuses attention on the most frequent pathologies and aims to provide them with the tools to research the cause of the problems, the choice of methods of investigation, the methods for repair and their cost, establishing responsibility and whether there is any possibility to take to court those who may be responsible.
This teaching unit also reviews certain principles of physics and chemistry to achieve a better understanding.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :


This course provides an introduction to the economic issues faced by a company and an understanding of the  context/s in which construction economics operates.
Contribution to the learning outcomes reference network:
Place the action
  • Identify and analyse the paradigms on which the study is based according to various given methods and starting from various points of view
Use the technical dimension
  • Be familiar with and interpret the main technical principles of construction
  • Observe and assess the main construction principles that give architecture a formal, material and temporal dimension
  • Be able to apply the various basic technical principles in producing a work of architecture
Adopt a professional attitude
  • Test and observe the framework of professional practice and to architectural knowledge through independent involvement
Make committed choices
  • Make links between different methodological and epistemological perspectives
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Master [120] in Architecture (Tournai)

Master [120] in Architecture (Bruxelles)