Master thesis in & on architecture

lbari2200  2022-2023  Bruxelles Saint-Gilles

Master thesis in & on architecture
16.00 credits
Vanderstraeten Pierre (coordinator);
Main themes
This unit called Master’s Thesis (TFE) in and on architecture allows the students to develop and present their research by design. This teaching unit is linked to Research studios in architecture. Concluding the master’s in architecture, the Master’s Thesis (TFE) is an original synthetic work in and on architecture, articulating project and theory, developing a personal question inscribed in a shared problem. More specifically, the fundamental principles of the Master Thesis are explained as follows:
The Master’s Thesis is the culmination of the master’s in architecture. It concludes the student's university training in the architectural discipline by linking the achievements of all the teaching units provided.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

Learning outcomes and contribution to the LO reference system:
At the end of this activity which closes his training, the student is able to develop independently an architectural approach materialized in a work of synthesis. This work integrates the nine dimensions of the Learning Achievement repository.
*Design a project
Faced with a complex question of an architectural order, discerning, analyzing and integrating the multiple constituent elements of a reality in the making.
From there, produce hypotheses from which the choice of a coherent formatting redefines the places *Experiment with an artistic approach
Faced with any situation, imagine and implement an idea capable of initiating a process of questioning *Build one’s own architectural culture
Knowing and activating written, drawn or constructed references that found the discipline
*Situate one’s action
Rigorously observe, analyze and interpret the multiple material, social and cultural components that make up the situation in which the reflection takes place.
Reveal the potentials of this situation through the effect of the architectural project
*Mobilize other disciplines
Activate one’s curiosity to test the foundations of your achievements.
Adopt a transversal approach in order to operate the relevant transformations
*Express an architectural approach
Choose and use conventional and artistic means to explore, detect, design, show a reality, a concept, a project
*Adopt a professional attitude
Act as an actor aware of his responsibilities, ready to interact with those involved in the act of building
*Make committed choices
Engage in a situation, in a responsible manner, based on societal and cultural reflexivity
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Master [120] in Architecture (Bruxelles) [International Master - in English]